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Thank you for helping Saoirse.

Caledonia, New York - Meet 1 year old, Saoirse (pronounced “seer-sha”). Saoirse was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) which is a complex genetic disorder. This condition causes numerous issues varying from weak muscle tone, feeding issues, poor growth, delayed development, and insatiable hunger which can lead to chronic overeating and obesity.

Saoirse is a little fighter with an incredible light. She was born early, lethargic, and unable to eat on her own. After spending several weeks in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), numerous tests were performed to see what was causing the issues Saoirse was experiencing. During the early part of Saoirse’s life there was not a clear diagnosis. Later on, after Saoirse’s parents received a call to what her diagnosis was, they were able to move forward into getting her the treatment and medicine needed. Saoirse and her family flew to the University of Florida to see a world-renowned PWS endocrinologist along with a team of specialists to get the care and guidance they needed to help Saoirse.

Because of your unwaivering support, The LENN Foundation was able to fund Saoirse’s entire travel expenses including flight and hotel along with a medical expense. We are grateful Saiorse’s mother shared her story and precious photos with us to pass along to you. They are a wonderful family that we are honored to have connected with. We wish them all the blessings and health for their family in the years to come.

Every penny counts.

Thank you for your amazing support to help families who have children with special needs.  Millions of children with special needs have unmet medical needs not covered by private health insurance or government funded programs which is drastically hurting their quality of life. Wheelchairs, therapy appointments, and communication devices are just a fraction of items not covered.  Our goal is to fund a child's medical need 100% when an eligible request is submitted (in the order received) because we want to truly help the child receive the full care needed to live the quality of life they deserve.  Your support relieves a families heartache over their child's unmet medical needs.  Together, lets bring a peace of mind to families one gift at a time!