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Sylvania, Ohio - Meet 2 year old Brady.  He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 3.  This disorder impacts the verbal and nonverbal social communication skills which cause severe impairments in functioning, limited social interaction, and response to social advances of others.  Therapy is a vital compoment to those diagnosed with this disorder.  His mother, Lauren, is seeking assistance for Brady to receive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy which is an intensive intervention to promote skill development and reduce interfering behaviors that may impact his overall quality of life.  In order for ABA Therapy to be effective, current research indicates therapy should be provided between 20-40 hours per week which cost $40/hour by an aide and $100/hour for supervision.  According to Mercy Autism Services in Maumee, Ohio, Brady is recommended to receive 40 hours per week of ABA services based upon his age and diagnosis.  Doing the math, these services can cost upwards of $2,000 per week.  At this time, Brady's health insurance states ABA is not a covered service.  Due to this, in order for Brady to receive therapy his mother will have to pay out pocket.  Will you help us raise funds for Brady? 

First, thank you for taking the time to read this page!  We personally reached out to your business on Instagram because we feel our organzations could form an amazing partnership.  There are so many nonprofits in this country to partner or contribute to so why should you consider partnering with us?  That's a great question and we want you to know why we are different from other nonprofit organizations.  When we receive a funding request applicaton and the child is eligible (based upon the order received), we will help the family with their entire request!  We do not give a little here and a little there to each family.  While this is a great way to help more families at one time, our goal is to give their child the quality of life they truly deserve. We provide funding for the entire requested unmet medical need not covered by the child's health insurance or government funded program. 

We are currently in the process of rebuilding our funding which is why we are asking for you to help us help Brady!  Each week we receive a new funding request.  We have several more applications that are eligible for funding after we can help Brady.  A week ago, we just posted a great story about 7 year old Evan from Ohio via Instagram/Facebook where you can see the type of impact your contribution makes! In addition, we will be posting another amazing story about 1 year old Saoirse from New York who we recently helped in August so stay tuned ...

We believe in forming a partnership where we provide great value to your business!  You can be proud knowing your contribution is going to make a wonderful difference.  We are excited to share the story of Brady and hope you will stay in touch with us virtually to see the positive change you will create for him.

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If a partnership is not for you at this time but you would like to help, please visit  We deeply appreciate any gift given no matter the amount!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering our nonprofit to make a positive impact with.

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